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 A wise man once stated: Simplify…, Simplify…, Simplify!

That’s the Mel Beck creed, and it’s proven out successfully, time and time, again! When Mel Beck introduced his first Precision Planter in 1956, he realized a lifetime dream: Build a better planter. Not only did he realize a life time dream, he revolutionized an industry! That tradition continues today.

The heart of the Mel Beck Precision Planter is our compact, ground-level planting unit. Each unit discharges the seed directly into the seed row, insuring precision placement of the seed.

Our properly designed planter “shoe opener” is essential in obtaining a high germination rate. Made of solid chrome alloy, this wear resistant design disturbs a minimal amount of soil in the seed bed, thus preserving existing soil moisture for maximum seed germination.

The Mel Beck Precision Planter offers unprecedented precision in seed spacing, dependability, ease of use, and  affordability.



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